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Paying attention to details, is rudimentary in our process to success here at Radar Staffing. 
Paying attention to details, is rudimentary in our process to success here at Radar Staffing. We Track It Down Recruitment procedure connects social networking markets such as (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Indeed.com) to expedite our candidacy hiring methods.  The keys to success for offering our job board is to create a thriving community that allows Radar Staffing to maximize the database of hundred of thousands of potenial skilled candidates.  In the event that either the job seeker or the employer is not able to make a connection our technical recruiters will be able to key on search tags from both the employer and/or job seeker to make a connection that would not other wise be noticed.
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Services at Radar Staffing

Contingency Search
Contingency Search -- At Radar Staffing we fully understand the time and effort in finding the right employee that's an ideal match for not only the team but the entire organization as a whole.  We are dedicated to providing quality service and not just submitting a profile hoping to land the right resource.  Our goal will be to assist the hiring manager in building a report on the ideal employee and interviewing the potenial employee before ever submitting the profile.  Reducing the overall time for the hiring manager and ensuring that the overall cultural match is at its highest before submitting the potiental employee for review.
Retained Search
Retained Search -- A dedicated search team on standby for those hard to fill positions, or those unexpected backfill positions that leaves the employer scratching his head as to how to overcome void of unproductivity.  Radar Staffing is onboard in assisting to help set a course to return things back to normal production right away!
Contract Services
Contract Services -- Our core strength at Radar Staffing is specializing in ERP and General IT services! Highly skilled recruiters trained to track it down by conducting proven methods that brings about the right resource every time a need araises. At Radar Staffing our database which consist of thousands of professional resources are at our finger tips with a few clicks of the button. Bottom-line our goal is to increase productivity while allowing the client to focus on the need at hand. Allow the Radar Staffing to assist in your next implementation!
Note: For more information on Contingency, Retained Search, or Contract Services please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..